Dagar's Catering

Corporate & Social Events


Policies & Guidelines

Please note: Events are not booked until contracts are signed and initialed.

Social & Corporate Catering Terms & Conditions

1. Upon contracting service with Dagar's Catering the client is responsible for:

2. Cancellation Policy:

Dagar's Catering understands that sometimes cancellations may occur so the following policies have been instituted.

3.Final Menu Selections & Final Count:

4.Payment Schedule:

Dagar's Catering accepts checks, cash, money orders, Master Card and Visa and American Express for payment.

5. The prices quoted on the contract are guaranteed. Should the client's menu selections change, Dagar's Catering cannot guarantee the prices quoted in prior meeting.

6. Dagar's Catering guarantees that they will provide the services contracted.

7.Clean-up of event:

Dagar's catering is responsible for the following items:

Dagar's is not responsible for:

Dagar's Catering understands that some venues may require some of these tasks to be done, so we are more than willing to do them for a nominal fee.


8. Service Time Frame for Dagar's Catering

Dagar's Catering specifies service time on each contract. Any hours exceeding 2 hours of service time time will incur a $25/hour per server fee.

Delivery Service Terms & Conditions

1. Dagar's Catering and the client agree upon the order delivery time listed in this contract. Clients may not request an adjustment of this delivery time unless it is made 48 hours prior the the time detailed in the contract.

2. Dagar's Catering is not responsible for setting up or cleaning up any location where a delivery is made, unless prior arrangements have been made with a client. The Dagar's Catering staff is only required to deliver the food and beverage items to the recipient's address as it is detailed in the contract, provide invoicing and collect payment.

3. Dagar's Catering will not provide hotboxes, chafing dishes or other non-disposable equipment for one-way deliveries, unless client has previously made arrangements.

4. Any non-disposable equipment rented from Dagar's Catering for an agreed upon fee must be returned to our offices by no later than 10am on the following day. Failure to do so will result in an additional $25 equipment pick-up fee.

5. All final guest count numbers are due no later than 4 business days prior to the delivery.