Dagar's Catering



Alcohol Service Agreement

Dagar's Catering of Austin has a Liquor License with the State of Texas. In order to serve alcohol at events, Dagar's Catering must obtain a Catering Certificate prior to each function. By obtaining such certificate, Dagar's Catering is liable to all persons served at the function. Therefore, to ensure that all laws concerning the consumption of alcohol are adhered to by Dagar's Catering employees and guests, the following guidelines have been established.*

* You do not have to use Dagar's Catering as the provider of the alcohol. The following agreement is for those who choose to use Dagar's Catering for the distribution of alcohol.

1. Times for serving alcohol must be specific when contracting with Dagar's Catering. Dagar's Catering will not serve anyone past the time specified on the TABC Catering Certificate/Contract. No one will be served after midnight. Furthermore, Dagar's Catering will not contract a bar longer than five hours.

2. Dagar's Catering has the right to ID anyone, at anytime, prior to serving alcohol. In some instances at our discretion Dagar's Catering may even use an identification stamp on the hand for ID purposes. The law states that no one under 21 years of age will be served. If Dagar's Catering employees observe anyone underage drinking alcohol, the employee has the right to confiscate the drink. We will NOT serve anyone under the age of 21 for any reason.

3. Dagar's Catering has the right to refuse anyone service who, in Dagar's Catering's opinion, has had too much to drink. If any guest gets out of line, Dagar's Catering will contact the host and ask them to have the guest removed from the premises. "Getting out of line" includes verbal abuse or disrespect toward any Dagar's Catering employee. The host is responsible for any damage to Dagar's catering equipment due to guests who have had too much to drink.

4. Dagar's Catering has the right to close a bar and remove equipment at any time due to insubordinate behavior, verbal abuse or failure to follow Dagar's Catering guidelines.

5. All alcohol is to be consumed on the premises. No guest is allowed to leave the premises with alcohol brought by Dagar's Catering.

6. All alcohol purchased through Dagar's Catering is NON-REFUNDABLE.

7. Since Dagar's Catering has a Liquor License, Dagar's Catering is the sole provider of alcohol. No one is allowed to bring his or her own alcohol to the function when Dagar's Catering has been contracted to provide alcohol. If alcohol is brought in by any guest, Dagar's Catering employees have the right to confiscate the alcohol.

8. If the host is responsible for providing alcohol, host will also need to provide glassware, ice, bartender and all set-ups, unless the host has purchased Dagar's Catering's bar set-up package.

9. Dagar's Catering will make a last call for alcohol announcement 30 minutes prior to the end of the contracted time of the bar.

10. If alcohol is requested on a "pay by consumption" basis, a guarantee for minimum quantity sold will be charged. This is to cover setup and server expenses. Any amount over the minimum amount used will be paid per usage.

11. With a pay-by-consumption or cash bar, if the minimum of $1000 in sales is not met, the remaining difference will be charged to client's credit card on file, unless prior arrangements have been made.

12. A cash bar/pay-by-consumption bar set-up fee will be due upon booking. If the guest count for the bar order exceeds 200 guests, an additional set-up charge will be applied. For these guest counts exceeding 200, an additional $1000 minimum in sales is also required unless prior arrangements have been made.